Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Best Post Ever

One morning as I read from Galatians, my mind started to form an idea that made me really excited. It was an idea for a blog post that would be so amazingly amazing. Before the idea was even fully formed I was imagining how the post would get passed around Facebook then get picked up on Twitter. Soon Christian celebrities would be retweeting me, I'd be getting offers for book deals. Yes, this idea was a game changer. I just needed to write it down.

Suddenly, a long screeching wail of auditory flambé wrestled my focus away from this most excellent of ideas. I didn't move. I barely blinked. I knew exactly where the sound was coming from, and it didn't cause me the least alarm. I sighed. I looked back at my reading. Where was I? Oh yeah, the idea. It will be so great to get that written down and posted. What a difference it will make for so many people! The idea that...the What was it again?

I tried to retrace my mental steps to come up with it again, but the screeching continued. The idea was lost to the mist of distraction. The screeching, of course, came from my almost two-year-old whose negotiation skills are basically binary. You give him what he wants or he screams like a Ringwaith at Buckleberry Ferry. The cause of his vociferation was, as is the case one out of three times, his sister. She was sitting on the cushion that he wanted to move. I glanced up and saw her staring blankly ahead as he tried to remove her apparently using only the force of sound waves. The word he screamed only resembled English in that it began with a "nuh" sound. The rest of it was made up of vowel sounds too complex to render using traditional letters.

 When I told this story to my wife she quickly responded, "This is the season of life you are in." She delivered this response like a doctor explaining aches and pains to a mid-lifer who didn't expect age to come so quickly. She diagnosed me on the spot because she's been there. Being an at-home mom she lives with the near constant distraction that comes with raising kids (especially three of them very close in age).

So if my problem is that my season of life is one of distraction, interruption and compromise, what is the answer? Here are some guesses.
  1. Roll with it. That's the first approach I try to apply to any problem. 
  2. Get creative. Sounds hard to me, but all the people on Pintrest are doing it.
  3. Call for back up. Funny how doubling the number of hands and brains in a room can help make life easier.
  4. Hold on tight and weather the storm. Sometimes survival = success.
 So what, if I didn't come up with the Bestblogpostever? I'm a daddy, dadgummit! And daddies have to make sacrifices. The world may have to wait to be enlightened by the treasures being created in mind, but in the meantime I intend to make the best of it. To help me keep track of this I intend on documenting my progress.

I once saw jugglers on TV ask for items from the audience to prove they could juggle anything. They ended up with a cake, a squid and something else I can't remember. They succeeded, and it was amazing. The title of this blog (Husband Daddy Pastor) represents my great juggling act of being a husband, a daddy and a pastor. And listen folks, I'm terrible at juggling so, this could get interesting.